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Hi I'm Brittany and my mission centers around nurturing women's inner selves and helping guide them to soul level holistic well-being.
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Brittany Neely Jones

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Unveil Your True Self: Discover Your Path to Empowerment! An interactive quiz is designed to help you uncover your true self and guide you towards the transformative journey of self-discovery, purpose, and self-love.

Protect Your self worth

Get the Free Well Soul Coach Protect My Self-Worth Worksheets to help you identify and eliminate patterns that harm your self-worth.

Soul Renewal Bingo

Use this fun game to recite a focus scripture daily or weekly. Renew your mind & spirit. Let it rain fresh in your soul.

Self care Bingo

Time to take care of your self. Pick some new or old faithful ways to care for your self using this Self Care Bingo card.

Spiritual Reset guide

Use this guide to help give you a spiritual, mental, financial reset through guided prayers and other exercises.


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I Am Chosen Book

Get my acclaimed adoption memoir in three different formats: paperback, eBook, or workbook.

Spiritual Rehab For My Mouth eBook

Spiritual Rehab For My Mouth: Building Up the Wise Woman's House with Her Words will help you to find peace and power in your home through healing your heart.

How to Get Better Grades Unit Bundle

"How to Get Better Grades" is THE perfect way to start the beginning of each school year for elementary to high school-aged students.


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take the course

A transformative journey where we'll dive deep into understanding ourselves and finding inner happiness. This course is like a quest where we'll explore the mysterious idea of the soul and how it shapes our personal growth and well-being. Let's uncover the secrets of who we are and how we can become our best selves!


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An authentic and engaging speaker, Brittany shares her personal journey with vulnerability and a heartfelt connection to her audience. She invites individuals to embark on their healing journey, to transform themselves, and to bring healing to their family's legacy. If you or someone you know seeks positive change and desires to foster profound healing, join Brittany Neely Jones on an inspiring and life-changing journey.