About Brittany

Brittany Neely Jones, the author behind "From the Waitlist to the Most Wanted, I AM CHOSEN," embraces her purpose as a beacon of inspiration for women of all ages. Through her captivating adoption memoir of identity, purpose, and love, Brittany empowers and uplifts both young and seasoned women.

As a dedicated leader, Brittany guides women with transformative monthly goal-setting strategies, immersive virtual retreats, and her mentoring program "The Chosen Squad- Teen Edition: Taking the Mask Off." She specializes in helping individuals to overcome life's unexpected challenges and to thrive.

A compassionate Well Soul Coach, Brittany's mission centers around nurturing women's inner selves and guiding them to holistic well-being. She champions the exploration of past wounds and fostering deep healing on a cellular level. Through live seminars and accessible experiential courses, Brittany equips women with practical tools to care for their souls and ignite profound healing.

With unwavering authenticity, Brittany shares her personal journey, inspiring healing through vulnerability and connection. If you or someone you know is seeking transformation and desires to bring healing to your family's legacy, take a step towards change. Click the "Book Me" button below to explore how you can embark on a healing journey alongside Brittany Neely Jones.